Double Head Saw

We cut aluminum profiles at the fastest speed

General Features

  • Aluminum profiles make precise cuts of 45 ° – 90 ° and double-sided at intermediate grades
  • Diamond saw diameter 550 mm
  • Saw out distance 200mm
  • Fast positioning and maximum cutting accuracy thanks to servo motorized motion system
  • It moves with linear slide systems providing high sensitivity
  • Easy-to-set cutting grade system
  • Profile overprint system
  • Short cutting system
  • Automatic digital positioning, manual button positioning

4 Axis CMC Aluminum Profile Processing Center

Processıng Center

  • Especially used in processing of aluminum, iron, steel, light alloy metal, and PVC profiles; The vertical mandrel is 3-axis CNC-controlled, and the profile holder table is also a CNC-controlled profile machining center with 1 angular axial servomotor. Fully shielded closed body design ensures maximum work safety during operation.
  • CNC controlled servomotor control The 4th axle makes it possible to process profiles with 0.1 ° precision without the need for an extra angular machining head by turning the 270 ° turn (± 135 ° forward and backward) with the profiling table profiler.
  • Fully protected, closed type machine frame and in – lift front safety panel provide full protection to the machine operator during operation.
  • The machine is equipped with an electro-mandrel with an air-cooled (ISO 30) at 5.5 kW., 18,000 rpm power to handle profiles such as aluminum, iron and steel, and has automatic tool changing capability.
  • The tool change is performed automatically by the CNC; There may be 8 different types of teams in the team treasure; 7 tools: milling, drilling, countersinking and tapping pins, 1 set (for blade) blade saw (disc saw).
  • With standard (vertical) tools, the top, front and back sides of the profile are machined, the left and right sides are cut.
  • The blade is machined with profile, left and right head and can be mowed on the front and back of the profile.

Type C 60 Ton Eccentric Press